In early July of 2016, a small group of high-school and college students—Andrew Ciacci, our Chief Operational Officer; David Oks, our Chairman; and Henry Williams, our Chief Executive Officer—decided to found a political action committee (PAC) to advocate for the rights of youth. Having met in high school and bonded through Model United Nations and other pursuits, the three were convinced that youth in this country are direly underserved because they lack the means to assert themselves in the ballot box. Believing that a true republic is one that represents all citizens its actions affect, they believed that the only possible solution was an unorthodox one: lowering the voting age to 16, along with instituting other such reforms.

With that in mind, they filed to form a PAC with the Federal Election Commission. With gusto and enthusiasm, they are working to give youth, first in New York and then across the country, suffrage, and are working with legislators, Congressmen, and other leaders to achieve such a goal.