Youth Progress PAC

Political Action Committee Supporting Young People

Empowering Young People to Do Politics

Supporting #SuffrageAt16, Civics in Schools, and Career Training


A Politics of Youth and Enthusiasm

Across the United States, millions of youth are disenfranchised or uninvolved in politics. We believe that the non-inclusion of youth in our political system is a travesty, and are working to change the status quo for the better by supporting a voting age of 16, improved career training for high-school students, and better civics education.

We are a group of high school and college students who joined forces to change the status quo for the better. We work with local and state leaders to press for changes, and are fervent in our belief that the inclusion of an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial generation in our electoral process will reinvigorate our politics.



We believe that states, counties, and municipalities should follow in the footsteps of Brazil, Argentina, Scotland, Austria, and Estonia and allow for 16-year-olds to vote in state, county, and municipal elections. We believe that a government which affects the lives of its citizens ought to be led by those it affects; thus, youth, who are affected by a plethora of policy choices and will see the most long-term effects of government decisions, ought to have a voice in the ballot box.

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